TOCPA 2019 Conference, Day 3 & 4, 15 & 16 May

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The 42nd Theory of Constraints Practitioners International Conference and Master Classes

This Conference runs for two days and will be on Day 3 & 4, 15-16 May, 2019.

This year’s Conference and Master Classes are held at Emperors Palace from 13 to 16 May 2019 and promise to be valuable to practitioners as well as managers who are interested in extracting more value for their companies. Two days of TOC presentations by established TOC Experts and Practitioners from South Africa, France, Israel and Estonia and allowing the delegates discuss each presentation to maximise the learning from recent developments and specific issues in TOC implementations.
Some of the companies presenting are: Aerosud, Mossops, Vedoc, Lonmin, Peri, Exxaro, Ops Logik, Cargo Solutions, Goldratt Research Labs, IS3, Marris Consulting.


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The very high rate of unemployment the country is experiencing can only be addressed if more jobs are created in industry.  This will not happen if companies are not becoming more and more profitable and want to grow.

Many obstacles prevent companies from achieving these objectives.

This conference will show how, in spite of these obstacles, a number of companies in manufacturing, distribution, construction, and mining have improved their profitability significantly and achieved growth.

The presenters have all been intimately involved in delivering these results and offer great insights for others to follow.

Do not miss this opportunity to learn how to achieve much more with what you already have and how to grow fast.

The 2-day program will cover the following subjects: 

  • Experience of implementing TOC in companies
  • TOC in the Construction Industry
  • TOC in the Mining Industry
  • TOC in Project Management
  • TOC Sales Solution
  • TOC & Management
  • TOC Case Studies

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