Masterclass 3, Day 1, 13 May: TOC, Lean and Six Sigma combined

R4,025.00 VAT Included

Many people claim that the Theory Of Constraints, Lean and Six Sigma are incompatible. They say you have to choose your sect. This Master Class will explain why this is not true and how each company can mix a powerful cocktail of the 3 best known improvement approaches best suited to their specific environment.

This full day Master Class will be on Day 1, 13 May, 2019.


Among other things : how to select the most pertinent Lean or Lean Six Sigma initiatives using TOC; how to combine Kanban, Drum-Buffer-Rope and the “2 for 1” WIP control rule; when to run a Design Of Experiment initiative … The Master Class will combine theory and practice with dozens of real life case studies based on Philip Marris’ over 200 implementations throughout the world. If you want your factory performance to be a major contributor to your growth, this “TLS” combination is what you have been looking for.

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