Combo Deal A – 2 Masterclasses + Conference, 20% discount

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This fantastic option gives you a 20% discount if you purchase:

  • One Masterclass for Day 1
  • One Masterclass for Day 2
  • One Conference ticket for the same attendee!

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This fantastic bundle option gives you a 20% discount if you purchase

  • 1 x Day 1 masterclass
  • 1 x Day 2 masterclass and
  • a Conference ticket

Save 20% if you select this bundle for each participant.

To get information on the different Masterclasses included have a look at our schedule page that describes the various classes, presenters and provides details of the content in each class.

Additional information

Day 1 Masterclass Options

Master Class 1: How to make better and faster decisions in a complex world, Master Class 2: TOC Fundamentals, Master Class 3: TOC, Lean and Six Sigma combined

Day 2 Masterclass Options

Master Class 4: The new era of optimization and its impact on synchronizing sales and capacity, Master Class 5: How to use Simulation to predict the impact of Supply Chain Management rule changes, Master Class 6: Thinking Processes 2.0

Day 3&4 Conference

2 Day Conference Pass Ticket