2019 TOCPA International Conference

May 13 – 16, 2019, Emperors Palace

Johannesburg, South Africa

About TOCPA 2019

The 42nd Theory of Constraints Practitioners International Conference and Master Classes

This year’s Conference and Master Classes are held at Emperors Palace from 13 to 16 May 2019 and promise to be valuable to practitioners as well as managers who are interested in extracting more value for their companies.


Master Classes

The 2019 TOCPA Master classes will run on the first two days of the conference on 13 May and 14 May. Each day will have two exciting and unique Masterclasses each running for the full day. The second day has 4 classes combined in groups of two. Six Master classes in total.

Each of the six Master classes are identified by their unique number from 1 to 6.

Masterclass 2 and 3 will be on 13 May presented by three different speakers.

Masterclass 1&5 as well as 4&6 will be on 14 May and will also be presented by three seperate speakers.


The main TOCPA conference will be presented on day 3 and 4 of the week being on 15 and 16 May. 

The very high rate of unemployment the country is experiencing can only be addressed if more jobs are created in industry.  This will not happen unless companies are increasing their profitability and yearning for growth.

This conference will show how, in spite of many obstacles, a number of companies in manufacturing, distribution, construction, and mining have improved their profitability significantly and achieved growth.


The presenters have all been intimately involved in delivering results and offer great insights for others to follow.

Join our amazing Masterclasses and Conference and listen to learn from thought leaders in Theory of Constraint.

Some of our Featured Talks & Speakers

The TOCPA Master classes on the first two days as well as the main conference on day 3 & 4 will host some of the worlds best speakers and thinkers on Theory Of Constraint.

Join us and listen to the Thought Leading specialists

Oded Cohen

Co-President TOCPA

Jelena Fedurko-Cohen

Co-President TOCPA

Philip Viljoen

TOCPA Founder Member

Dr. Alan Barnard

CEO Goldratt Research Labs

Philip Marris

CEO Marris Consulting

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